Freshers Guide 2018

Want To Improve Your Quran Recitation?

Come along for the brothers and sisters weekly Quran circles. For brothers it’ll be in the main prayer room (see directions further below) before Dhur Jamm’ah at 12.30pm Mondays, and for sisters it’ll be every Monday and Wednesday from 12.15-1pm.


Want To Be Involved In Charity Week?

Email to see how YOU can play a part in the biggest project of the year!


Freshers Fortnight is Here!

You’ve made it! Finally. At the very well renowned St George’s University of London 😛

ISoc Freshers Poster 2018

On a serious note though, alhamdulillah, you’ve ended up here in the south west London, in Tooting attending one of the smallest Universities in the country!

Yet it can still be daunting coming into an unfamiliar environment, not knowing what to expect or what events to partake in. So as the biggest society on campus, the ISoc is hosting a good few events to allow you to connect with your brothers and sisters on a whole new level, and have just lots of fun! From Football, to Movie Night, to Ice Skating and to Bowling, there’s no shortage of events, and no shortage of people to mingle with, seek advice from or make long lasting friendships with.

We hope you settle in smoothly, especially for those living out for the first time. We pray that you have a year full of guidance, mercy, success and ease!

Where is the Prayer Room?!

Fret not, we’ve got you! Feel free to speed up the video to 1.5x, or take the shorter route, but either way, we hope this prayer room hub will cater to all your needs – your social, spiritual, academic and more!


Please feel free to email the Headbrother ( or the Headsister ( if you have any queries.

We pray that you enjoy your time in the ISoc!

– Your Islamic Society