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Discover Islam week

Discover Islam week allows Muslims to invite the university to learn about this beautiful way of life. Students plan these events many months in advance, in order to bring a range of events to fruition, such as the Exhibition which has many stalls, that introduce the Quran, the journey of Islam, Sunnah, etc. This allows students to clear up any misconceptions and gives an opportunity to fulfill our responsibility of dawah. Money is raised to fund food, posters, dawah material such as books, and more.

Charity Week

Charity Week was a concept thought about by a student at SGUL, and it drastically developed into becoming a yearly event that raises a lot of money for orphans and needy children around the world. In the last two years the amount raised were £40K and £30K, which has gone to contribute to great causes such as, the opening of the first prosthetic clinic in Gaza. As well as raising money, these events create a sense of strong unity, which is experienced by all involved, from event organisers to attendees. By the grace of Allah students were able to raise money before Charity Week began in order to pay for the venues, catering, speakers and supplies needed for these events to be successful.


Friday Prayers

Friday is a very special day for Muslims and is the day when we gather together for prayer in congregation. Before the prayer a talk is given to remind us of our duty as Muslims, this may be the importance of charity or being kind to others, for example.

At the end of the prayer a collection is done for a specific cause. By the blessings of God and the generosity of St. Georges’s students, SGSU ISOC has been able to contribute to a diverse range of charities.

One example is the Water for life appeal which aims to provide clean, accessible water facilities for those who do not have it. Many children have to walk miles to access water that is rife with diseases, as a consequence every 90 seconds a child dies from water-bourne diseases. Money raised helps fund ‘smart water solutions’ like building water pipelines, wells, micro-dams to allow crop irrigation etc. This is also a form of Sadaqah Jariyah (ongoing charity) as people will continue to benefit from these schemes for many, many years.

Other projects SGSU ISOC has contributed to (by the blessing of God and generosity of students) is more niche schemes like funding cataract surgery to prevent children becoming blind. Only £50 will fund a life-changing cataract surgery to restore a child’s sight, which is incredible.

Various other schemes include providing clothing and food for the EU refugee crisis, Syrian cities under siege and also in building mosques.

None of this would have been possible without your generosity and we hope to continue to contribute to such schemes this year.